Dog Days of PodCasting #14: Steeping

Dog Days of Podcasting

– Originally recorded on 26 August 2013
– Includes a reading of my cafe vignette, “Steeping,” which was written the day before.
– An excerpt from “Steeping” can be found below:


I can’t believe you lingered here long enough to let espresso go cold, as busy as it is in here today,” Sarah ventured once they were alone again.

“I was working on a poem,” David confessed.

“I had no idea you were a poet. Are you published? Can I read your stuff?”
“I am, when I’m not wearing bike pants and delivering documents around town,” David answered, taking each of her questions in order. “I’ve published a couple pieces here and there,” he continued. “And as to reading it…the stuff I’m working on right now needs to steep a bit.”

“Poems steep?”

“Just like tea,” David said.