Dog Days of Podcasting #18 – Chai

Dog Days of Podcasting

– Originally recorded on 30 August 2013, via Mobile Podcaster for iPad
– My last DDoP entry.
– Includes a reading of a short story, “Chai” from Pink Nighties.
– Link: Chai
– Podcast will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning September 3
– Now, on iTunes:


Dog Days of Podcasting #17: Cello-bration

Dog Days of Podcasting

– Recorded 29 August 2013
– Includes random babble about cellos, and music.
– Mentions Aaron Minsky, aka Von Cello
– Mentions Darling Violetta
– Mentions Apocalyptica
– Includes reading of my piece, “Sunday Brunch: Cello Hands,” from All Things Girl
– Links: Sunday Brunch: Cello Hands


Dog Days of Podcasting #16 – Unsolicited Advice

Dog Days of Podcasting

– Recorded via Mobile Podcaster on 28 August 2013
– I talk about a retired greyhound, David’s Best Mate
– I share an email I wrote to a friend’s daughter.
– Links:
– – David’s Best Mate on Facebook
– – David’s Blog on Blogspot.
– – Hobee’s restaurant
– – Mitchell’s Ice Cream

Dog Days of Podcasting #15: Cedar Boxes

Dog Days of Podcasting

On April 2, 2000, my dog Cleo was born.

On June 2, 2000, she came to live with us.

In June, 2013, we had to put her down.

This is the story of Miss Cleo, her older dog-brother Zorro, and a pair of Cedar Boxes.

– Includes a reading of my essay, “Cedar Boxes”
– Link: Cedar Boxes, at

Dog Days of PodCasting #14: Steeping

Dog Days of Podcasting

– Originally recorded on 26 August 2013
– Includes a reading of my cafe vignette, “Steeping,” which was written the day before.
– An excerpt from “Steeping” can be found below:


I can’t believe you lingered here long enough to let espresso go cold, as busy as it is in here today,” Sarah ventured once they were alone again.

“I was working on a poem,” David confessed.

“I had no idea you were a poet. Are you published? Can I read your stuff?”
“I am, when I’m not wearing bike pants and delivering documents around town,” David answered, taking each of her questions in order. “I’ve published a couple pieces here and there,” he continued. “And as to reading it…the stuff I’m working on right now needs to steep a bit.”

“Poems steep?”

“Just like tea,” David said.

Dog Days of Podcasting #9: Strawberry

Dog Days of Podcasting

– Originally recorded and shared via SoundCloud on 20 August 2013
– Includes a reading of my cafe vignette “Strawberry,” which I wrote in 2007.
– After I recorded this episode, I turned “Strawberry” into a one-shot TNG fanfic with Data. It’s in the same universe as a Data/OFC epic I’ve been working on now and then since 2008.
– Link: Strawberry (the fanfic version) at