DDOP-15-02: Mermaid Child

Dog Days of Podcasting

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Mermaid Child

In which the Bathtub Mermaid shares a piece called “Mermaid Child,” written for the Summer Love Notes project.


I could swim before I could walk, and before I was seven I was an expert in swimming out just far enough to find the warm current, sweeping my arm to make jellyfish float away, and body surfing into shore without ending up rolling in white water.
I flew in the water.
I believed in mermaids.
(I’m pretty sure I was one.)

Read the entire piece HERE.



Music for this episode was provided by Mevio’s Music Alley, a great resource for podsafe music. Visit them at music.mevio.com.
Opening: “Soap in a Bathtub” by Stoney
Closing Music: “You Can Use My Bathtub” by Little Thom


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