DDOP-1508.23: The Hottest Blood of All

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The Hottest Blood of All

In March, 2014, my husband and I joined my parents on a whale watching expedition. I wrote about it for All Things Girl, when I got home, and meant to post it to this podcast then. A year and a half later, I’m finally doing so.


I also know that something deep inside me has been profoundly affected by this experience. Whales, when you’re close to them, when you look them in the eye, radiate this ages-old preternatural wisdom that you can’t quite grasp, except by the edges. The calf and I locked gazes, and it felt, for those precious seconds, like I was in the center of the universe and made of starlight and whalesong.



Music for this episode was provided by Mevio’s Music Alley, a great resource for podsafe music. Visit them at music.mevio.com.
Opening: “Soap in a Bathtub” by Stoney
Closing Music: “You Can Use My Bathtub” by Little Thom


Recorded and Produced using BossJock and Audacity.
Special thanks to Clay Robeson for recording bits of D.H. Laurence’s poem, “Whales Weep Not!”


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