TBM2008.04 – Mermaid Meditations 001 – The Reef

Image by Leandro De Carvalho from Pixabay


#audio #flashfic #ddop A mermaid family pays respects to a coral reef.


“That color really isn’t her best look, though,” my mother adds, and she’s right, because where once our dearly departed was rosy pink and bright orange with streaks of green and blue, now she’s a dismal, ashy grey.

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  • The Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub is written and produced by Melissa A. Bartell, and is recorded and produced using the Auphonic iPhone app and Audacity.
  • Bathtub Mermaid album art was created by Rebecca Moran of Moran Media
  • Sound Effects are from Freesound.


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