TBM-2008.07 – Deception Betwixt ‘R’ and ‘T’



#Audio. #Flashfic. #Lipogram  #Fantasy A bar room magician cannot eliminate a letter from existence… can he?


The food and liquor had flowed like – well, like food and liquor tend to flow in a place where the barkeep let you run a tab and the final check never actually arrived. Gourmet, all of it, or high-end where gourmet didn’t apply.

Links and References


  • The Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub is written and produced by Melissa A. Bartell,
  • Bathtub Mermaid album art was created by Rebecca Moran of Moran Media
  • Sound effects are from Freesound.


2 thoughts on “TBM-2008.07 – Deception Betwixt ‘R’ and ‘T’

  1. Well done! The use of the soft “c” works as an “auditory illusion” so the letter betwixt r and t is not an awkward absence.

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