TBM-1812.06 – DDOA-005 – The Briar Wreath

454 - Wreath


#Audio. #FlashFic Getting the perfect holiday wreath takes a special effort.


But this year, this year, Master Gavrel wanted something different, something organic. So, he went to the winter wood. He knew that others had gone before him, seeking a wreath from the Order of the Brambles, and that most had come back injured and empty handed, while others had not returned at all.

Links and References

  • Read the text of The Briar Wreath at MissMeliss.com
  • Reader: Clay Robeson (read more about him here)
  • Check out the December Reflections prompts here.


  • The Bathtub Mermaid: Tales from the Tub is written and produced by Melissa A. Bartell, and is recorded and produced using the BossJock iPad app and Audacity.
  • Bathtub Mermaid album art was created by Rebecca Moran of Moran Media
  • Music used for the opening and closing is a mix of Chris Zabriskie’s “The Oceans Continue to Rise” from the Free Music Archive and Kevoy’s clip of whales off the coast of French Polynesia from Freesound.
  • Chris Zabriskie’s song is also used under some readings.